Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MTV night

Btw I had two friends over that night to view the award show, and it was fresh.
After the show we watched, or rather fast forwarded through the Mavs vs. Heat game because we already knew that the Mavs lost (BOO!).
then we watched the Lady Gaga Monster Ball HBO Special.
Lolzzz. My bbf (best black friend) went with me to actually see Lady Gaga in the flesh at the American Airlines Center in Dallas (where the Mavs vs. Heat game was! Coincidence!!) and he was fuuuh-lipping out!
And blahlalalala. All the while freaking out and jumping up and down while sitting on the floor of my living room.

After thaaat, we watched Kingsley and Glozell videos, but mostly Kingsley because he reigns supreme.

Eating hot cheetos, limeaide, mini tacos, goldfish, and different chocolate bars.

MTV Movie Awards 2011

Can I just say that when MTV's The Seven gave a sneak peek of the stage, I was BLOWN away!
Like I was totally freaked out. Like. I was jumping up and down like a fan girl at a Justin Bieber concert.
I'm just sayin'.
But the entire show was pretty freaking awesome!
I mean, there's always those parts of awards show when they get a lil' bit boring and you kind of want them to hurry up and get on with it, BUT! that did not happen. Not once!

The whole thing was just super exciting and entertaining.
My favorite moment was probably Patrick Dempsey, Chelsea Handler and Robert Pattinson awarded Reese Witherspoon the Mel award.
Well actually, it was just Rob talking, scratch that! Rambeling, is more fitting for RPatz.

Too bad his "alleged" aka girlfriend that he's never confirmed because they think they're fooling someone, couldn't steal just a little of his comic/almostcuteawkwardness. No. She has to be ridiculously ridiculous!!!
"Sorry Natalie! The popcorn's mine!"
Uh, are you kidding me?!
Kristen, I'm not sure you're aware, but Natalie has an Oscar sitting on her mantle.

All the while the how was on I was updating my twitter and fb which got aLOT of attention. So many people liked and commented my statuses.
Some of my friends even texted me just wanting to know what was up.
Next Wendy Williams right here yallll!

A out.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sk8er Boi

So I just spent too much time redesigning this blog.
But HEY! That's aiiiiiiight because I simultaneously listened to old skool Avril Lavigne *hence title* and Maroon 5 *Adam is hawt* and many other amazing artists!

I think I'm going to start posting all the new coolest (well to me anyway) and not new but still just as cool music and all that jazz.. <---GENRE of music. So wasn't on purpose.
But we'll see how that goes.. I've been suppose to be updated more often like five months ago.

Ashley out.

It's Over!

The first official week of summer 2011 is O-V-E-R.
And what have I done?

-Work long nights on my and Lizzi's lovechild.
-Spent hours reading magazines and have begun thinking what I really want to do in life.
-Had the first Z-Club officer meeting and got alot accomplished compared to previous years.
-GOTTEN A wee TAN! (I'm working on it!)
-Won all but one summer league game for basketball. (Reffs were cee are aye pee!)
-Caughten up on all The Voice episodes!
-Updated my freaking iPod, and haven't taken the buds out of my ears since!
-Gone to places where boys flirted with me.
-Flirted back with a boy I never thought I would. (Don't worry, it's a dud!)
-Been grossed out with Justin and Selena basically having sex on the beach and in her living room with others present.
-Finished a pretty darn good book called College Life.
-Thought about my wardrobe and the much needed updates it needs (thanks InStyle and teenvogue).
-SPENT SO MUCH TIME WITH FRIENDS IT'S INCREDIBLE! (My parents usually don't let me out much.)
-Started saving the wee bit of money my mother making me so my dad is allowed to buy me a car.
P.S. Have you seen the stage? Holy crap MTV is phenom.
-Found these shirts that I really,


-About to buy the Justin Bieber fragrence Someday.
-Might go meet the above said girlfriend.. MAYBE!
-Spent hours watching Kingsley and Tyler Ward. <3
-Spent more hours watching Taylor Swifts video blog.


-Updated this blog which I NEVER do.

ashley out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summa League!




My team and I..
Nykia, Arianna, Sara, Jane Anne, Abbey Pop, Abby Mitch, Lauuurita, Angel, SKYE
I don't think I missed anyone.
Beat our lesser rivals, the Longview Lobos 20-13.
It's only by seven points, but it's seven points they didn't have!
I'm so happy to finally be able to say that we beat the Lobos at something that isn't volleyball!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

CMT Nods

Of course when thinking of the Country Music Awards, one immediately thinks of
-Taylor Swift
-Miranda Lambert
-Blake Shelton
-Brad Paisley
-Tim McGraw
-Lady Antebellum
-Carrie Underwood
-Guns & Roses
Just kidding!

But you know what one usually, kind of really, doesn't think at all?

And I know it's not just me.
Justin is nominated for his collaboration with Rascal Flatts for the song "That Should Be Me" and I really hope he wins.
Not just because I'm a big fan and I have BieberFever, but I just want to throw it in every persons face that is always like, "He can't sing.. He's not a real artist.. He's just a kid.. He's not even talented, it's just autotune.."
Well let me tell you something: Go out and find a thirteen (about how old he was when introduced to the industry) year old kid that horrible quality videos are posted on YouTube yet they get millions of hits, no, find even an adult that can do that, and still sound as great as he does unplugged (talent), find someone who coming from nothing can still entertain a crowd better than some of the people that's been in this industry since a) birth or b) longer than JB has (talent? yeah), and find someone who isn't autotuned. Have you heard the latest Britney Spears album? Ke$ha? Everyone uses autotune on their albums you idiot, it's when they sing live that you have to pay attention.
Have you heard him sing live? Or at least a live version of a song? If you have you're lieing through you're teeth that he's "not talented" if you haven't, don't say anything until you've heard the music.
Finally, how many R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop artist's can collaborate with a country band and still make the song sound good?
I don't know, but you could probably count them on one hand.

Ashley out.

Speak Now Tour

I already bought tickets for the October show in Dallas, and those were expensive for not so great seats, but then Taylor decided she was going to ADD venues to the list, one of those being CentryTel Center, where I wanted to go in the first place..
Fear not!

AP English IIII is taking a trip to London next Spring Break, and although I really, really, reallllly wanted to go my father gave me an ultimatum.
Car vs. London
I need a car, and London isn't going anywhere so of course I picked car!
Besides by saving myself and Pops a little over two grand, I started convincing him that he should buy me and two friends tickets to the Speak Now Tour on September 20th.

'Cause by then I'll have a car..
You got me?